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Relaxation & Therapeutic
30 minutes   $65


45 minutes   $81


60 minutes   $97
75 minutes   $117
90 minutes​    $135
105 minutes​    $150

120 minutes   $186
90-120 min (Thai)*  $196.25
Hot Stone Massage - Add $25
Acupuncture - Add $20
(Tax Inclusive)   *Prices in effect January 1st, 2024



Planter Fasciitis

TMJ Dysfunction
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Muscular Acupuncture
*Thai Massage available to existing clients only.

*RMT Brandy Stomp Grignon attended the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand in 2003.  After graduating with a Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy, she returned to Canada ready to share her new skills with her clients.

A traditional Thai Massage session is done on a mat on the floor, lasting between an hour and a half and two hours. The recipient wears loose or comfortable clothing so that the practitioner can apply deep static rhythmic pressure while stretching the entire body in yoga-like positions. Traditional Thai massage follows the meridian lines of the body to improve flexibility, decrease tension and release blocked energy.

*Please note that we direct bill to most insurance providers.

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